Hospice Africa and Bates & Co client appears on BBC North West Tonight

A long-standing client of Phillip Bates & Co Financial Services is Dr Anne Merriman.

Anne is the founder of Hospice Africa, a Liverpool-based charity, and recently appeared on BBC’s North West Tonight talking about her work.

You can watch the film here:

Anne has also kindly shared her experience of working with the team at Phillip Bates & Co. Our chartered partnership looks after all of Anne’s accountancy and financial planning requirements.

Anne said: “I have been with Phillip Bates & Co for so many years I cannot remember when it all started! 

“But having accountants who understand my unusual situation and ensure that my money, made only over 7 years of my life, was invested securely and without risk, has given me the confidence to carry on with my work without remuneration.

“I have been in Africa 37 years and most of that as a volunteer. I needed solid financial advice from those I trust.

“Without Bates and Co. working with me and my friends in Liverpool, I would not be able to have founded Hospice Africa in 1993, and to have continued in Uganda, where we have our model for the vision of Hospice Africa, for 26 years.”

Anne added: “Africa has millions of cancer patients who do not receive any form of treatment for their cancers. They suffer terribly, suffering that we, in the developed world, never see. 

“Since 1993, palliative care has moved in Africa, from 3 countries in 1993 to 35 countries in 2019. In Uganda, Hospice Africa has looked after 33,000 patients with cancer and/or HIV. Palliative care is available in nearly all districts and 90% of districts have a palliative care leader who can prescribe oral morphine for the severest pains of cancer. Meanwhile, based on the African type service, we have trained initiators from 35 countries.

“Still, aged 84 and after 26 years, I am able to carry on, without worrying unduly about finance, and I trust that when my time comes to leave this world, there will be something left to help Hospice Africa to continue with service and education, bringing a suitable African palliative care to all in need, which is culturally acceptable and affordable within the economy of each country.

“Over the years I have seen friends of my age group, lose money through poor advice and taking risks. This has not happened to me due to the great planning and investments made by Bates and Co. In my short times back in Liverpool they have come to my home to advise me when I am concerned.

“I have never had to worry about my own financial situation. My biggest worry is the financial situations of my patients and families and the sustainability of our work in Africa, which is so needed.”

Visit the Hospice Africa website to learn more about their fantastic work.