Retirement planning software

We are committed to continually investing in our business to ensure the best possible service for our clients.

To this end, we have recently implemented state-of-the-art software which further enhances the firm’s ability to provide clients with the most accurate data to inform their retirement planning.

Alan Mellor said: “The investment in our new cash flow tool will really assist with the long-term planning processes we go through with each of our clients.

“It will allow us to make projections and challenge assumptions as part of the process of plotting out a client’s retirement plan.

“The software is extremely interactive and intuitive in its approach, allowing us to consider historic investment performance as well as looking at likely trends and patterns into the future.

“Ultimately, we want to provide our clients with realistic, attainable long-term planning that will allow them to achieve their goals for retirement.”

To find out more, please contact Alan Mellor on 0151 353 1066.

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