PM spells out Brexit vision

After months of uncertainty, Prime Minister Theresa May has finally laid out her vision of post-Brexit Britain.

In a 43-minute speech on Tuesday, Mrs May went into some detail about her 12 negotiating objectives.

The Government made it clear that this will be the Prime Minister’s only statement on the matter before the start of exit talks in March.

The 12 objectives include:

• Britain will no longer be a member of the EU Single Market
• Britain will not seek to be a full member of the Customs Union, which is separate to the Single Market
• Britain to “get control of the number of people coming to Britain from the EU”
• Britain to “take back control” of our laws – with laws made in Britain not the EU
• Britain to guarantee the rights of EU workers in Britain and wants similar protection for British nationals in EU member states
• Britain to continue working with the EU on crime and terrorism matters
• Free movement to continue between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland
• To achieve a smooth transition from EU membership to life outside of the EU with a “phased process of implementation”
• Continuing protection of workers’ rights as set out in EU legislation
• Both Houses of Parliament to vote on any final deal between the UK and the EU “prior to it coming into force”
• The importance of the Brexit deal strengthening “the precious union between the four nations of the UK”.
• Continuing collaboration between British and European science community on “major science, research and technology initiatives”.

Alan Mellor says: “Britain has been waiting more than six months for the Prime Minister to spell out her vision for life after Brexit.

“The reaction from the markets and financial community to Mrs May’s speech was generally very positive. The pound has its best day on the currency markets for almost 20 years.

“Now the Government has the trickier task of delivering on its big objectives.”

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